This book offers corporate writers, producers and directors an accessibly-written, hands-on guide to practical techniques important in producing high-quality, nuanced work in a corporate environment. Exploring each phase of media development—project inception, client interactions, scriptwriting, preproduction, casting, auditions, production and postproduction—author Ray DiZazzo teaches readers how to "know what works" in corporate media, as well as an ability to focus on the nuance and subtleties that elevate typical media to a higher quality standard, whether it’s crafting an intelligent script, framing and lighting a shot correctly, or knowing what transition to use in the editing suite.

The book also features case studies illustrating real-life scenarios from the author and other corporate professionals, demonstrating these crucial techniques in practice. The Corporate Media Toolkit is a must-read for professionals and newcomers alike to bring their corporate media skills to the next level.

chapter 1|5 pages

A Cut Above

chapter 2|5 pages


chapter 3|11 pages

Program Inception: The Needs Analysis

chapter 4|17 pages

The Script

chapter 5|16 pages


chapter 6|14 pages


chapter 8|14 pages


chapter 9|9 pages


chapter 10|6 pages

Approvals and Client Meetings

chapter 11|2 pages

Signing Off … for Now