First impressions (and second ones!) count, whether you are an intern or a CEO. Lauren A. Rothman addresses an age-old dilemma: how to be appropriate and stylish in the workplace. Based on a decade of experience in the fashion industry, she addresses the basics of fashion and executive presence by offering advice, anecdotes, and style alerts that help readers avoid major fashion faux pas at the office. Style Bible: What to Wear to Work is the must-have resource for the modern professional, male or female, climbing the ladder of success. Lauren identifies the ultimate wardrobe essentials, and reveals shopping strategies and destinations for the everyday person. Style Bible, complete with helpful illustrations, is the go-to manual on how to dress for every professional occasion and a valuable resource for understanding dress codes by industry, city, and gender so that your visual cues will make a strong impact. Make a commitment to being better dressed at work with Style Bible.

chapter 1|12 pages

Style Matters

chapter 2|18 pages

Fashion 101 for Women

chapter 3|24 pages

Fashion 101 for Men

chapter 5|24 pages

Primping and Prepping

chapter 6|24 pages

Deciphering the Workplace Dress Code

chapter 7|28 pages

Identify Your Perfect Fit

chapter 8|18 pages

Shop Your Closet

chapter 9|18 pages

Shopping Without an Expense Account

chapter 10|12 pages

Life in the Spotlight