The key to success in life and business is to become a master at Conversational Intelligence. It's not about how smart you are, but how open you are to learn new and effective powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success. Conversational Intelligence translates the wealth of new insights coming out of neuroscience from across the globe, and brings the science down to earth so people can understand and apply it in their everyday lives. Author Judith Glaser presents a framework for knowing what kind of conversations trigger the lower, more primitive brain; and what activates higher-level intelligences such as trust, integrity, empathy, and good judgment. Conversational Intelligence makes complex scientific material simple to understand and apply through a wealth of easy to use tools, examples, conversational rituals, and practices for all levels of an organization.

part |1 pages

Conversational Intelligence and Why We Need It

chapter |11 pages

When We Lose Trust, We Lose Our Voice

chapter |25 pages

Moving from Distrust to Trust

part |1 pages

Raising Your Conversational Intelligence

part |1 pages

Getting to the Next Level of Greatness

chapter |7 pages


Creating Conversations That Transform the World