Narrative-Based Practice in Health and Social Care outlines a vision of how witnessing narratives, paying attention to them, and developing an ability to question them creatively, can make the person’s emerging story the central focus of health and social care, and of healing.

This text gives an account of the practical application of ideas and skills from contemporary narrative studies to health and social care. Promoting narrative-based practice in everyday encounters with patients and clients, and in supervision, teaching, teamwork and management, it presents "Conversations Inviting Change," an established narrative-based model of interactional skills.

Underpinned by an account of theory from narrative studies and related fields, including communication theory and systems thinking, it is written for students and practitioners across a broad range of professions in primary and secondary health care and social care.

More information about "Conversations Inviting Change" is available at www.conversationsinvitingchange.com. This website includes podcasts, presentations and  further teaching material as well as details of forthcoming courses, and is continually updated with information about the approach described in this book.

chapter |15 pages


Narrative, health and social care

chapter one|11 pages

Narrative practitioners at work

chapter two|13 pages


The “seven C’s”

chapter three|14 pages

Narrative inquiry

chapter Four|8 pages

What hinders narratives

chapter Five|15 pages

Helping narratives to develop

chapter six|13 pages


chapter Seven|11 pages

Mental health

chapter Eight|11 pages


chapter nine|10 pages

Consultancy in the workplace

chapter ten|15 pages