The consequences of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species in non-native ecosystems is an area of growing interest for  international policymakers and regulators. Globalisation has increased the rate and magnitude of biological invasions, resulting in huge environmental, economic and social costs. Until recently, the effectiveness of international efforts to provide a coordinated response to the threat of alien invasions have been limited. This book considers the existing Multilateral Environmental Agreements and looks at the potential role of regional environmental governance, particularly in consideration of the adoption of the European Parliament and Council regulation 1143/2014 on the management and control of invasive species, to provide an effective response to this global threat.

chapter |4 pages


chapter 3|45 pages

The European Union and its role in addressing the threat of biological invasions

Regional environmental governance at work

chapter 4|26 pages

EU regulation 1143/2014

Genesis, adoption and implementation: an assessment

chapter |5 pages