Recent years have witnessed growing concerns about the disengagement of young people from conventional politics both in Britain and internationally. Their non-participation is often viewed as reflecting both a deeper political alienation and 'apathy' amongst young people, and a wider political malaise across western societies. Based upon a wide range of UK and European survey sources, together with qualitative and policy-focused analyses, this volume explores the attitudes of young people to politics and government in Britain and assesses the prospects for re-engaging young people with the formal political process. Young Citizens will be a valuable reference for academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the fields of sociology, social policy, citizenship studies and youth studies.

chapter 1|20 pages

Politics, Participation and Public Policy

chapter 2|20 pages

Exploring Youth and Civic Participation

chapter 3|22 pages

Youth, Voting and Political Participation

chapter 4|18 pages

Attitudes to Political Engagement

chapter 8|20 pages

Policy Implications