Over the past two decades, city economies have restructured in response to the decline of older industries. This has involved new forms of planning and urban economic development, a return to traditional concerns of city building and a focus on urban design. During this period, there has also been a marked rise in our understanding of cultural development and its role in the design, economy and life of cities. In this book, John Montgomery argues that this amounts to a shift in urban development. He provides a long overdue look at the dynamics of the city, that is, how cities work in relation to the long cycles of economic development and suggests that a new wave of prosperity, built on new technologies and new industries, is just getting underway in the Western world. The New Wealth of Cities focuses on what effect this will have on cities and city regions and how they should react. Original and wide-ranging, this book will be a definitive resource on city economies and urban planning, explaining why it is that cities develop over time in periods of propulsive growth and bouts of decline.

part I|30 pages


part II|59 pages


part II|79 pages


chapter 2|78 pages

Art and the City

part III|60 pages


chapter 3|59 pages

…and the Regulation of Public Morality

part IV|68 pages


chapter 4|67 pages

The Art of Place-making and Urban Design

part V|64 pages

Creative Milieux

chapter 5|63 pages

Quarters and Clusters

part VI|24 pages

Summary And Conclusion

chapter 6|23 pages

Cities of the Fifth Wave