Newly available in paperback, this original and informative volume outlines a new, well-designed reflective teaching and learning model that can be used with single- or multi-disciplinary groups of students and professionals. It offers an overview of the origins of the different theories of reflection and explains how different levels of reflection can be understood and incorporated into everyday teaching and training. Outlining specific teaching and learning techniques to be used in training situations, it also includes examples of how these techniques have been successfully used with groups of professionals from health and social care areas. This edition features a substantive new preface, bringing the book up to date with recent developments in the field. It is a well-researched guide to both the theory and the practice of reflection, and it also offers those who teach and train professionals a clearly delineated reflective model for use in the classroom or professional training environment.

chapter 1|7 pages


chapter 4|12 pages

Designing the Reflective Teaching Model

chapter 6|13 pages

Phase III: Simple Model Rotation

chapter 7|18 pages

Phase IV: Full Model Rotation

chapter 8|19 pages

Phase V: Ending the Research

chapter 9|10 pages

Final Thoughts