Modern Social Work Practice is an interactive book designed to provide readers with an opportunity to engage with key aspects of current social work practice. It also provides an excellent digest of the significant literature. Each chapter is introduced with an activity or exercise designed to aid student learning in discrete aspects of practice, building up to a complete curriculum for practice learning. The book builds upon the success and style of Social Work Practice (1993) and The New Social Work Practice (1998). Mark Doel and Steven M. Shardlow have shaped the book to take account of the National Occupational Standards for Social Work, aiming to provide a creative, practical and up-to-date resource for teaching and learning in line with current practices.

part |2 pages

Part I: Foundations of Practice

chapter 1|12 pages

Knowing the service user and carer

chapter 2|12 pages

Knowing your self

chapter 3|12 pages

Knowing the role

part |2 pages

Part II: Direct Practice

chapter 4|12 pages


chapter 5|10 pages

Generating options

chapter 6|12 pages

Making assessments in partnership

chapter 7|10 pages

Working in and with groups

chapter 8|20 pages

Working in difficult situations

part |2 pages

Part III: Agency Practice

chapter 9|12 pages

Making priorities

chapter 10|12 pages

Managing resources

chapter 11|12 pages


chapter 12|14 pages


part |2 pages

Part IV: Themes of Practice

chapter |12 pages

CONTEXT: Evidence-based practice

chapter 13|16 pages

Working with risk

chapter 14|12 pages

Anti-oppressive practice

chapter 15|14 pages

Law-informed practice

chapter 16|14 pages

Generalist and specialist practice

chapter 17|12 pages

Comparative practice