A project is more than an assembly of methods, tools and resources. Projects often seem to have a soul. They require dedication, belief and commitment. The only way to gain experience of a project, assess and develop the skills associated with it is to live through it. The six micro-projects in this collection highlight the kinds of skills typical of creative project teams. They can be used to practise: ¢ team working in a project environment ¢ working as a team to satisfy a need expressed in terms of time, cost and quality ¢ the skills associated with creativity, problem solving and team leadership ¢ the guiding principles for tackling projects creatively. The collection includes the following games: Eggbox is a creative project that emphasizes idea generation; Ironbridge simulates a scenario in which consortia explore the specifications of a construction project; Tower of Straws produces a situation in which change is frequent and normal; Domino Race is based on an imaginative design project that needs to reflect operational constraints; Catapult is an all-day task offering a complete project management experience and, finally, the Autonomous Team Activity encourages productivity and initiative in the project team.

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Facilitator's Guide

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Trainer Guidance

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The Learning Messages

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Notes for Observers of Micro-Projects

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Observer's Checklist

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Facilitator's Guide to the Micro-Projects

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Micro-Projects Team Resources

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Tower of Straws

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Tower of Straws team guide

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Domino Race

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Autonomous Team Activity

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Micro-Projects Participants' Notes

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Working with Micro-Projects