The place of religion in public life continues to be a much-debated topic in Western nations. This book charts the changing role of hospital chaplains and examines through detailed case studies the realities of practice and the political debates which either threaten or sustain the service. This second edition includes a new introduction and updated material throughout to present fresh insights and research about chaplaincy, including in relation to New Atheism and the developing debate about secularism and religion in public life. Swift concludes that chaplains must do more to communicate the value of what they bring to the bedside.

chapter |8 pages


chapter 1|20 pages

A History of the Chaplain

chapter 2|28 pages

The Chaplains’ Professionalization

chapter 3|28 pages

The Political Context

chapter 4|16 pages

the Battle of Worcester

chapter 5|30 pages

The Chaplain Today: An Auto-Ethnography

chapter 6|20 pages

Religion, Secularization and Spirituality

chapter 7|24 pages

Theological Voices and Ventures

chapter 8|12 pages