Based on the concept of corporate social responsibility, this book analyses modern approaches adopted by mining companies that could minimise negative impacts of mining and enhance positive benefits to corporate stakeholders. Using a case study of two mining sectors (gold and diamond mining) the book evaluates policies and practices of mining companies within four key areas of corporate social responsibility: environmental protection, health and safety, employee relations and community development. Also included is an assessment of three models for community development that are developed within the mining industries: company-led approach, establishment of corporate foundation and tri-sector partnership. The study analyses management of corporate social responsibility issues with specific reference to mining in the Russian Federation and provides a comparison with global mining companies.

chapter 1|5 pages


part 1|1 pages

Mining and the Environment

chapter 2|21 pages

CSR in Mining: Origin and Concept

chapter 3|37 pages

Mining Towards Sustainable Development

chapter 4|35 pages

Sectoral Specifics of CSR in Mining

chapter 5|45 pages

Geographical Specifics of CSR in Mining

part 2|1 pages

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies In Mining

chapter 7|42 pages

Models for Community Development

chapter 8|25 pages