With its promise of personal improvement, physical well-being and spiritual enrichment, yoga is enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the turn of the third millennium. To unravel the mystery of the discipline, its philosophies and relevance in contemporary life, the original text of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali must be explored. This book offers the first accessible translation and commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. An introductory section examines the multidimensional aspects of yoga as philosophy, psychology, science, and religion, as well as exploring popular versions of yoga in the West. The core of the book offers a new translation of the entire text of the Yoga Sutras, in a language that is clear and comprehensible to students. Commentaries are presented to highlight the meaning of various statements (sutras) and key themes are outlined via sectional summaries. A full glossary of key words and names is also provided. Concluding chapters look at yoga in contemporary life, revealing the popularity of yoga in the 21st century through Star Wars, and exploring yoga's connection to health and science, contrasting yoga's holistic view of healing with that of the limited view of present day medical science. Sample physical, breathing and meditation exercises are provided. An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy offers a comprehensive introduction to the Yoga Sutras text of Patanjali to all students and interested readers of Indian philosophy and religion, world religions, east-west psychology, and mysticism.

part I|21 pages

The multidimensionality of Yoga

chapter Two|2 pages

Yoga as philosophy

chapter Three|2 pages

Yoga as science

chapter Four|5 pages

Yoga as psychology

chapter Five|2 pages

The varieties of Yoga in the West

chapter Six|2 pages

Patanjali: founder of the Yoga system

chapter Seven|3 pages

The four pillars of the Yoga Sutras

part II|35 pages

A new rendition of the Yoga Sutras with commentary

part III|27 pages

Yoga and health

chapter Twelve|3 pages

Yoga and healing: the medical connection

chapter Thirteen|22 pages

Practical aspects of Yoga

part IV|15 pages

Yoga and Yoda

chapter FOURTEEN|12 pages

The Star Wars connection

chapter FIFTEEN|1 pages