The Collector’s Voice is a major four-volume project which brings together in accessible form material relevant to the history and practice of collecting in the European tradition from c. 1500 BC to the present day. The series demonstrates how attitudes to objects, the collecting of objects, and the shape of the museum institution have developed over the past 3000 years. Material presented includes translations of a wide range of original documents: letters, official reports, verse, fiction, travellers' accounts, catalogues and labels. Volume 1: Ancient Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Alexandra Bounia Volume 2: Early Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Kenneth Arnold Volume 3: Imperial Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Rosemary Flanders Volume 4: Contemporary Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Paul Martin

part I|2 pages

National voices

chapter 11|5 pages

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is created

part II|2 pages

Institutional declarations

chapter 18|3 pages

Children are inspired to collect

part III|2 pages

Voices from the beyond

chapter 23|5 pages

Marianne Brocklehurst sails up the Nile

chapter 31|7 pages

The phrenologists collect heads

chapter 32|7 pages

Punch reflects society back at itself

part IV|2 pages

Literary voices

chapter 33|6 pages

Charles Dickens: Bleak House

chapter 34|6 pages

Wilkie Collins: The Moonstone

chapter 36|7 pages

Bram Stoker: The Jewel of Seven Stars

chapter 37|10 pages

H. Rider Haggard: She

chapter 38|7 pages

H. G. Wells: The Time Machine

chapter 39|8 pages

Arnold Bennett: 'The Death of Simon Fuge'

chapter 41|7 pages

M. R. James: 'The Mezzotint'

chapter 42|6 pages

John Buchan: John MacNab

chapter 43|4 pages

Dashiell Hammett: 'The Thin Man'

chapter 44|7 pages

Victor Canning: The Golden Salamander

chapter 45|12 pages

Angus Wilson: Anglo-Saxon Attitudes

part V|2 pages

Dark voices

chapter 47|7 pages

Museums of the macabre

chapter 49|11 pages

Faking it: fakes and forgeries

chapter 50|9 pages

Waterloo: the great victory

chapter 51|4 pages

A soldier's life: regimental collections

chapter 52|8 pages

Collecting the First World War

chapter 53|5 pages

Collecting militaria

chapter 54|3 pages

Art collections manipulated by the state

chapter 56|4 pages

Germany in 1945: concealed treasure

chapter 57|5 pages

Memorial: the Holocaust Museum