The Collector’s Voice is a major four-volume project which brings together in accessible form material relevant to the history and practice of collecting in the European tradition from c. 1500 BC to the present day. The series demonstrates how attitudes to objects, the collecting of objects, and the shape of the museum institution have developed over the past 3000 years. Material presented includes translations of a wide range of original documents: letters, official reports, verse, fiction, travellers' accounts, catalogues and labels. Volume 1: Ancient Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Alexandra Bounia Volume 2: Early Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Kenneth Arnold Volume 3: Imperial Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Rosemary Flanders Volume 4: Contemporary Voices, edited by Susan Pearce and Paul Martin

part I|2 pages

Talk between men and women

chapter |3 pages

1G.S., the butterfly collector

chapter 3|3 pages

Lou, the strawberry collector

chapter 4|4 pages

Randy, the musical instrument collector

chapter 5|3 pages

The fridge magnet collector

chapter 6|2 pages

The jugs and china pieces collector

chapter 7|2 pages

The motor cycle rally badges collector

chapter 8|2 pages

The stones and rocks collector

chapter 9|3 pages

The Hornby Collectors Club

chapter 10|3 pages

A walk down Lilliput Lane

chapter 11|5 pages

Collecting food and drink

chapter 12|2 pages

Sad find of a birds' egg collector

chapter 13|4 pages

Collecting as underground activity

part II|2 pages

Consuming voices

chapter 14|3 pages

Metal detectorists and treasure hunters

chapter 15|3 pages

Magazines for collectors

chapter 18|5 pages

The consuming media

chapter 20|4 pages

Collectors' clubs as commercial venture

chapter 21|3 pages


chapter 23|3 pages

Club collects new members

chapter 24|5 pages

Collectors on the Internet

chapter 25|5 pages

The Corgi Heritage Centre

part III|2 pages

Talking collectables

chapter 27|4 pages

A search for identity in antiques markets

chapter 28|4 pages

Make the most of car-boot sales

chapter 30|4 pages

A symphony of shimmering beauty

chapter 32|3 pages

Beanie Baby update

chapter 33|5 pages

Welcome to McDonald's

chapter 34|4 pages

Exclusive first editions subscriber offer

chapter 35|4 pages

Under the counter

chapter 36|3 pages

Star Wars

part IV|2 pages

Collecting stories

chapter 38|3 pages

J.R.R. Tolkien: The Silmarillion

chapter 40|3 pages

John Fowles: The Collector

chapter 41|4 pages

Georges Perec: Things

chapter 42|4 pages

Yury Dombrovsky: The Keeper of Antiquities

chapter 44|5 pages

Judith Krantz: Scruples

chapter 46|5 pages

Barbara Pym: Quartet in Autumn

chapter 47|4 pages

Bruce Chatwin: Utz

chapter 48|4 pages

A.S. Byatt: Morpho Eugenia

chapter 50|3 pages

Tibor Fischer: The Collector Collector

chapter 51|5 pages

Patricia Cornwell: Point of Origin

part V|2 pages

Discourses of possibility

chapter 52|5 pages

Mr Opie's obsession

chapter 53|7 pages

Vorsprung Durch shopping

chapter 54|3 pages

London's Toy Museum to be broken up

chapter 55|4 pages

The 'Lite fantastic'

chapter 56|5 pages

For your amusement

chapter 57|4 pages

Second World War's modern-day hero

chapter 58|12 pages

Written on the body

chapter 59|4 pages

The numbers game

chapter 62|6 pages

Stars of light

chapter 63|6 pages

All our yesterdays

part VI|2 pages

Future voices

chapter 64|4 pages

Ward Harrison: celebrity scavenger

chapter 65|3 pages

Historians agog over can labels

chapter 66|3 pages

Victorian harvest of history

chapter 67|3 pages

Doll collector for seventy years

chapter 68|3 pages

Some correspondence with spoon collectors

chapter 70|5 pages


chapter 71|3 pages

'Maybe' at the Serpentine

chapter 72|3 pages

Artistic interventions

chapter 73|3 pages

Massacre at Wounded Knee

chapter 74|4 pages

Collecting as news