Originally published in 1930, this book was designed to meet the needs of students in Training Colleges. It is the outcome of first-hand experience of the difficulties encountered by students in the subject of educational theory and its application to the problems of the classroom at the time. It was the hope of the writer that this book may help the student to find a profitable connection between the theory of the lecture room and the problems of the school classroom.

chapter I|10 pages


chapter II|9 pages

Education and Psychology

part I|156 pages

The Learning Process

chapter III|13 pages

An Elementary Study of Reactions

chapter IV|12 pages

The First Years of a Child's Life

chapter V|12 pages

The Bodily Mechanism of Behaviour

chapter VI|18 pages

Elements of the Learning Process

chapter IX|18 pages

The Process of Remembering

chapter X|17 pages


chapter XI|16 pages

General Intelligence

part II|94 pages

Character and Discipline

chapter XIII|16 pages

Aspects of Discipline

chapter XIV|15 pages

The Simplest Units of Character

chapter XV|13 pages

The Organization of Sentiments

chapter XVI|19 pages

The Group at Work and in Play

chapter XVII|15 pages

Individual Differences in Emotional Equipment

chapter XVIII|15 pages

Aims and Organization