This collection of documents covers the rise to power of the Chinese communist movement. They show how the Chinese Communist Party interpreted the revolution, how it devised policies to meet changing circumstances and how these policies were communicated to party members and public.

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The Rise to Power of the Chinese Communist Party

part |98 pages

Commentary A

chapter |90 pages

Documents 1920–1923

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Commentary B

chapter |158 pages

Documents 1924–July 1927

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Commentary C

chapter |218 pages

Documents July 1927–1930

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Commentary D

chapter |130 pages

Documents 1931–January 1935

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Commentary E

chapter |178 pages

Documents May 1935—November 1938

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Commentary F

chapter |106 pages

Documents 1939—1941

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Commentary G

chapter |192 pages

Documents October 1939—April 1945

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Commentary H

chapter |176 pages

Documents July 1944-June 1949