Using data from the 2000 Census, this collection examines the major demographic and employment trends in the rural Midwestern states with special attention to the issues that state and local policy makers must address in the near future.

part I|40 pages

The Strike That Shook the Nation

chapter 1|10 pages

Thunder before the Storm

chapter 2|16 pages

The Storm

chapter 3|12 pages

The Aftermath

part II|54 pages

The Long, Hard Haul

chapter 4|28 pages

The Struggle

chapter 5|24 pages

From Repression to Cooperation

part III|152 pages

The Era of Collective Bargaining

chapter 6|44 pages

The First Decade

chapter 7|46 pages

Enter Moe Biller

chapter 8|46 pages

The Regime Settles in

chapter 9|14 pages

The Future