Jung on Astrology brings together C. G. Jung’s thoughts on astrology in a single volume for the first time, significantly adding to our understanding of Jung’s work.

Jung’s Collected Works, seminars, and letters contain numerous discussions of this ancient divinatory system, and Jung himself used astrological horoscopes as a diagnostic tool in his analytic practice. Understood in terms of his own psychology as a symbolic representation of the archetypes of the collective unconscious, Jung found in astrology a wealth of spiritual and psychological meaning and suggested it represents the "sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity."

The selections and editorial introductions by Safron Rossi and Keiron Le Grice address topics that were of critical importance to Jung—such as the archetypal symbolism in astrology, the precession of the equinoxes and astrological ages, astrology as a form of synchronicity and acausal correspondence, the qualitative nature of time, and the experience of astrological fate—allowing readers to assess astrology’s place within the larger corpus of Jung’s work and its value as a source of symbolic meaning for our time.

The book will be of great interest to analytical psychologists, Jungian psychotherapists and academics and students of depth psychology, Jungian and post-Jungian studies, as well as to astrologers and therapists of other orientations, especially transpersonal.

chapter |12 pages


part I|24 pages

Contexts and opinions

chapter 1|6 pages

Astrology’s place in the modern West

chapter 2|9 pages

Jung’s views on astrology

chapter 3|5 pages

Planets and gods

Astrology as archetypal

part II|46 pages

Astrological symbolism in Jung’s writings

chapter 4|30 pages

Planetary and zodiacal symbolism

chapter 6|7 pages

Astrology and medicine

part III|58 pages

Astrological ages

chapter 8|18 pages

The sign of the fishes

chapter 9|6 pages

The prophecies of Nostradamus

chapter 10|6 pages

The historical significance of the fish

part IV|56 pages

Explanations of astrology

chapter 11|8 pages

As above, so below

The microcosm-macrocosm correspondence

chapter 13|6 pages

Astrology as a mantic method

chapter 14|4 pages

Astrology as causal influence

chapter 15|8 pages

Synchronicity and the qualities of time

chapter 16|5 pages

Number and archetypes

chapter 17|7 pages

Acausal orderedness and the unus mundus