Written by an experienced academic author, lecturer and practitioner, this comprehensive textbook provides an introduction to alcohol and drug misuse. It presents:

  • the context of alcohol and drug misuse, and the nature and theories of addiction, including a historical overview and policy initiatives in contemporary society
  • an overview of the problems associated with psychoactive substances and their impact on groups such as culturally and linguistically diverse communities, young people, women, older people and the homeless
  • an understanding of the generic role responses to substance misuse in a variety of different settings and contexts, including primary care, the community and hospitals
  • a framework for assessment, care planning, harm reduction approaches, dealing with overdose, intoxication and withdrawals, and psychological and pharmacological interventions
  • an accessible and skills-oriented approach to assist students and practitioners in dealing with alcohol and drug misuse.

This new edition is fully updated and includes new material on: evidence-based pharmacological interventions; recent global strategies in alcohol and drug; dual diagnosis and women; shisha smoking; and current statistics on prevalence of alcohol and drug misuse

Alcohol and Drug Misuse takes into account current policy and practice for substance use and misuse and includes a range of pedagogical features to enhance learning. It is essential reading for nursing, health and social work students taking substance misuse modules, as well as related CPD courses for health and social care professionals.

part 1|67 pages

Alcohol and drugs and global policy initiatives

chapter 1|11 pages

Introduction to substance use and misuse

chapter 2|7 pages

Self-awareness and attitude

chapter 3|10 pages

Historical overview

chapter 4|14 pages

Models and theories of addiction

chapter 5|9 pages

Nature of addiction

part 2|111 pages

Psychoactive substances

chapter 7|18 pages


chapter 8|14 pages


chapter 9|11 pages


chapter 10|22 pages


Amphetamines, cocaine and khat

chapter 11|18 pages


part 3|70 pages

Special issues and populations

chapter 14|16 pages

Drug-related infections

chapter 15|12 pages

Alcohol and drug use in women

chapter 16|15 pages

Mental health problems and substance misuse


chapter 18|9 pages

Vulnerable people

The elderly and homeless and alcohol and drug misuse

chapter 19|8 pages

Young people

Alcohol and drug misuse

part 4|49 pages

Role, prevention and strategies for change

chapter 21|13 pages

Public health approaches to substance misuse

chapter 22|9 pages

Strategies in helping people to change

chapter 23|10 pages

Working with diversity

Cultural competence

part 5|102 pages

Care planning and intervention strategies

chapter 25|11 pages

Care planning

Principles and practice

chapter 27|10 pages

Harm reduction approach

chapter 28|9 pages

Intoxication and overdose

Health interventions

chapter 29|10 pages

Drug misuse

Pharmacological and psychosocial interventions

chapter 30|14 pages

Alcohol misuse

Pharmacological and psychosocial interventions

chapter 31|11 pages

Smoking cessation

Health interventions

chapter 32|5 pages

Competence and professional development