Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children and Adolescents provides an innovative perspective on developmental disorders in youth, one focused on embracing and working with the "messiness" and many variables at play in child and adolescent development. The volume’s approach is aligned with the NIMH Research Domain Criteria project, which hopes to move away from categorical diagnosis toward multidimensional analysis. Each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of development, cluster of diagnoses, or clinical concern. The book also emphasizes humility, an awareness of diversity and difference without stigma, and support for collaborative and integrative healthcare. This is an essential volume for practitioners hoping to improve how they evaluate and treat developmental disorders in children.

chapter |4 pages


section I|69 pages

Dimensions of Being Different

chapter 1|20 pages

Biological Dimensions of Difference

chapter 2|18 pages

Familial and Social Dimensions

chapter 3|18 pages

Conceptual Dimensions

chapter 4|11 pages

On Categories and Dimensions

section II|79 pages

The “Usual Suspects”

section III|44 pages

The Role of the Clinician

chapter 9|13 pages

Considerations for Assessment

chapter 10|12 pages

Putting It All Together and Writing a Report

chapter 11|10 pages

Considerations for Intervention

chapter 12|7 pages

Questions to Ask Oneself