Mom will ask, “What can you do with a degree in anthropology?” If you want the answer, then you need this book. Applied anthropologists Carol Ellick and Joe Watkins present a set of practical steps that will assist you through the transition from your career as a student into a career in a wide range of professions that an anthropology degree can be used. The stories, scenarios, and activities presented in this book are intended to assist you in learning how to plan for the next five years, write your letter of introduction, construct your resume, and best present the knowledge, skills, and abilities learned in class to prospective employers. Ellick and Watkins’ step-by-step approach helps you create a portfolio that you will use time and time again as you build your career.

chapter 1|8 pages

From Student to a Career

chapter 1|60 pages


chapter 2|10 pages

Getting Organized

chapter 3|18 pages

I Want to be an Anthropologist . . .

chapter 5|18 pages

Past Jobs and Future Careers

chapter 2|48 pages


chapter 6|12 pages

The Road Map

chapter 8|10 pages

Letters that will get You the Job

chapter 9|12 pages

Applying for the Job

chapter 3|78 pages

Set Yourself Apart

chapter 10|10 pages

Internships and Volunteering

chapter 11|14 pages


chapter 13|14 pages

Academic Options

chapter 14|16 pages

Getting an Academic Position

chapter 15|6 pages

Keeping the Portfolio