A landmark comparative study (U.S. and Brazil) of television's social and cultural effects on human behavior. The Updated Edition brings forward the author’s research on this topic since the original volume was published in 1990 with an extensive new Introduction.

part One|17 pages

Television and Culture

chapter One|8 pages

Television and Cultural Behavior

chapter Two|8 pages

Studying Television

part Two|88 pages

The National Level

chapter Three|16 pages

Censors and Gatekeepers

chapter Five|12 pages

Cultural Contrasts in Prime-Time Society

chapter Six|26 pages

Competition, Achievement, and Information

chapter Seven|17 pages

What's News: Crime, Violence, and the Stranger

part Three|93 pages

The Local Level

chapter Eight|26 pages

The Field Sites

chapter Nine|19 pages

Television's Social Impact

chapter Eleven|19 pages

Festivals, Celebrations, and Gift-Giving

chapter Twelve|12 pages

Television and Modern Life