This book takes an interdisciplinary approach to using and creating poetry for conducting and reporting social research. It includes examples of poetry, interviews of poets, and practical exercises that will enhance the discussion of poetry writing as a method. When used as a teaching guide this book will encourage students to consider the importance of form and function in poetry for qualitative methods. It also answers the question of how to teach the creation and evaluation of poetry, it combats the perception that poetry is too difficult or mysterious to use as research and that only poets should be concerned with poetic craft.

chapter |28 pages


Why Poetry?

chapter |30 pages


Exploring Poet's Conceptualizations of Craft, Practice, and Good and Effective Poetry

chapter |22 pages

Concern with Craft

The Question of Poetic Criteria

chapter |32 pages

Research Poetry

An Example

chapter |16 pages


Exercising the Poetry Muscle