Law and Society provides a balanced and comprehensive analysis of the interplay between law and society using both Canadian and international examples. This clear and readable text is fi lled with interesting information, ideas and insights. All materials and supporting statistics have been carefully updated. This edition includes an expanded discussion of the law and First Nations people, recent developments impacting LGBTIQ2S persons, and persons with disabilities and a new section on civil procedures. Each chapter is structured similarly, with an outline, learning objectives, key terms, chapter summaries, critical thinking questions, and an array of additional resources.

chapter 1|23 pages


chapter 2|31 pages

Theoretical Perspectives

chapter 3|51 pages

The Organization of Law

chapter 4|27 pages


chapter 5|41 pages

Law and Social Control

chapter 6|35 pages

Law and Dispute Resolution

chapter 7|31 pages

Law and Social Change

chapter 8|41 pages

The Legal Profession

chapter 9|18 pages

Researching Law in Society