First published in 1958, this work by one of Britain’s most celebrated Orientalist scholars, tells the story of the rebirth of national literature in Persia after the fall of the Sᾱsᾱnian empire in the seventh century. It traces the course of this literature’s development and full maturity from the ninth century to the end of the fifteenth century and looks at a number of important writers including the Saljῡq poets, Rῡmῑ, ῌᾱfiz and Jᾱmῑ.

This work will be of interest to those studying Persian and Middle-Eastern literature and history.

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Table of Contents

chapter I|23 pages


chapter II|23 pages

From the Beginnings to Firdausī

chapter III|26 pages

The Ghaɀnavids and Early Saljūqs

chapter IV|31 pages

The Middle Saljūqs

chapter V|29 pages

Five Saljūq Poets

chapter VI|25 pages

Some Historians of the Thirteenth Century

chapter VII|22 pages

Medieval Persian Fiction

chapter VIII|28 pages

Sa'dī of Shīrāɀ

chapter IX|28 pages


chapter X|31 pages

Minor Thirteenth-Century Authors

chapter XI|28 pages

The Mongol Aftermath

chapter XII|28 pages

Some Fourteenth-Century Poets

chapter XIII|35 pages


chapter XIV|32 pages

Tīmūrid Historians

chapter XV|29 pages

Fifteenth-Century Poets

chapter XVI|26 pages