This seven volume set reissues a collection of out-of-print titles covering a range of responses to modern culture. They include in-depth analyses of US and Australian popular culture, works on the media and television, macrosociology, and the media and ‘otherness’. Taken together, they provide stimulating and thought-provoking debate on a wide range of topics central to many of today’s cultural controversies.

1. America Under Construction: Boundaries and Identities in Popular Culture Edited by Kristi S. Long and Matthew Nadelhaft  2. Dynamics of Culture J. Zvi Namenwirth and Robert Philip Weber  3. Media Cultures: Reappraising Transnational Media Edited by Michael Skovmand and Kim Christian Schrøder  4. Misunderstanding Media Brian Winston  5. Myths of Oz: Reading Australian Popular Culture John Fiske, Bob Hodge and Graeme Turner  6. Otherness and the Media: The Ethnography of the Imagined and the Imaged Edited by Hamid Naficy and Teshome H. Gabriel  7. Television: The Medium and its Manners Peter Conrad