Descartes has long been recognized as occupying a pivotal position in Western philosophy. At the very centre of Descartes’ innovation are his intimately related conceptions of mind and knowledge. These twin notions form the main problems that have continued to exercise philosophers to this day.

The volumes in this set, originally published between 1932 and 1990

  • Put the main mathematical and physical discoveries of Descartes in an accessible form, for the benefit of English readers.
  • Provide a thorough discussion of René Descartes philosophy of metaphysics, examining the three major points of the mind and body, freedom of the will and religion and science
  • Delineate the transition Descartes effects from a prevalent medieval conception of understanding to a modern conception of it.
  • Give in-depth study of Descartes’ philosophy with a strong emphasis on the historical approach.

1. Descartes and the Autonomy of the Human Understanding (1990) John Carriero 2. The Philosophy of Descartes (1932) A. Boyce Gibson 3. The Scientific Work of René Descartes (1952) J. F. Scott 4. An Essay on the Metaphysics of Descartes (1940) Marthinus Versfeld