Business Basics for Private Practice is a step-by-step guide to developing a successful practice from initial conceptualization and business plan to future growth for the true entrepreneur. Dr. Bartolucci draws from interviews with fellow mental health practitioners and experts in business-related fields to make even the most intimidating parts of practice easy to understand. Business Basics is written to give the feel of mentorship, and the author talks about lessons learned the hard way. She’s also included checklists and worksheets to help you stay organized and ready to meet the challenges of opening a private practice.

chapter |5 pages


part 1|50 pages

Nuts and Bolts

chapter 1|11 pages

Planning for Success

chapter 2|14 pages

Making Your Practice Legit

chapter 3|23 pages

An Office of One’s Own

part 2|128 pages

The Big Decisions

chapter 4|20 pages

To Delegate or Not to Delegate

chapter 5|10 pages

Finding Your Niche

chapter 6|25 pages

Money Talks—How Well Do You Listen?

chapter 7|27 pages

Marketing Strategy

chapter 8|30 pages

Let’s Get Ethical

chapter 9|14 pages

You—The Most Important Care Target

part 3|30 pages

Business Growth and Other Income Streams

chapter 10|14 pages

Growing Your Business

chapter 11|10 pages

Speaking and Writing

chapter 12|4 pages

Closing Thoughts