This text discusses and compares men's and women's career patterns in state government. It is based upon newly conducted original research surveys in six states. From this research, generalisations are made concerning commonalities and differences between men's and women's experiences in public adminstration at the state level. This is a new area of research: while much has been done at the federal level (and there is a federal database to work from) until now little work has been done and little data is available for the states.

chapter 2|24 pages

Career Development and Affirmative Action

chapter 4|28 pages

Public Work, Private Lives

chapter 5|20 pages


chapter 6|16 pages

Sexual Harassment in the States

chapter 8|32 pages

Agency Culture and Its Effect on Managers

chapter 9|16 pages

Policy Preferences on Workplace Reform

chapter 10|20 pages

Summing Up What We Know