The author explores the careers and private lives of the first two African-American boxing champions in order to define the history of race relations and the black press at the time. The major events and fights are organized around the themes of segregation and the significance to black Americans.

chapter 1|14 pages

Introduction and Overview

part I|44 pages

Increasing Effectiveness in Use of Time and Income

chapter 2|14 pages

Goals and Goal-Setting

chapter 3|15 pages

Using Your Personal Resources Effectively

chapter 4|13 pages

The Disposition of Personal Income

part II|48 pages

Investing to Raise Your Productive Potential

part III|52 pages

Increasing Personal Efficiency

chapter 9|16 pages

Time Management

chapter 10|20 pages

Financial Management

chapter 11|14 pages

Increasing Your Efficiency at Work

part IV|15 pages

Summary and Conclusions