Revise AS Level Psychology is designed to give a clear framework of the content of the course. It will help both the hard-working student who has worked solidly throughout the course and the 'I should have worked harder' student who urgently needs to gain sufficient knowledge to pass the exam. It has been updated in line with the latest syllabus specification and includes page references to AS Level Psychology, 4th Edition by Michael W. Eysenck. Although it is designed to supplement this book, it can be used alongside any AS-level psychology textbook.

This revision guide is written for a broad spectrum of students taking the AQA-A AS psychology exam. It gives excellent guidance, not only on how to pass the exam, but also on how to avoid the panic and pitfalls that so many students face at exam time. It includes a number of helpful features:

  • An outline of the format of the exam, following the most up-to-date syllabus requirements, along with tips on how to perform well and advice on raising grades
  • Essential topic information presented as flow charts and summary lists
  • Clear and full definitions of important terms and concepts, studies, and theories
  • An explanation of how examiners assess students
  • Guidance throughout the text that encourages active engagement with the material
  • Can be used with any AS-level psychology textbook, though there are cross-references throughout to the appropriate pages in Eysenck's AS Level Psychology

chapter 1|12 pages

Preparing for the Exam

chapter 2|26 pages

Cognitive Psychology


chapter 3|30 pages

Developmental Psychology

Early Social Development

chapter 4|42 pages

Research Methods

chapter 5|28 pages

Biological Psychology


chapter 6|28 pages

Social Psychology

Social Influence

chapter 7|22 pages

Individual Differences

Psychopathology (Abnormality)