This unique monograph discusses all aspects of the design and operation of electrophysical ultrahigh-vacuum pumps (EUVP). The adsorption-diffusion model of interaction of gas molecules with metal getters is presented, together with getter films sorption characteristics. A mathematical model of molecular transfer in electrophysical pumps and the principles and criteria of their energy and structural-geometrical optimization are proposed; and the physical processes in the pumps are analyzed during the pumping out of both active and inert gases. Also presented are the generic and specific pump parameters and the methods of calculating their main characteristics.

Of special interest are discussions of the design, structure, and operational featuress of evaporation getter and ion-getter pumps with thermal deposition of getter films; EUVP with plasma evaporation; sputter-ion pumps with and without built-in evaporators; pumping out methods based on nonevaporable getters; and impantation, membrane and catalytic pumps. This book will appeal to experts and students in experimental physics, electronics, fusion accelerator techniques and electrophysical and vacuum apparatus design.