Offering the widest breadth of policy issue coverage on the market, the sixth edition of this well-regarded text covers events through the 2016 elections and beyond.  Though the content has been extensively and thoughtfully revised and updated, the sixth edition maintains its clear approach, without an overreliance on policy theory, and popular threefold structure: First, it introduces readers to the American approach to public policy making as it has been shaped by our political institutions, changing circumstances, and ideology.  Second, it surveys all of the major policy areas from foreign policy to health care policy to environmental policy, and does so with well-selected illustrations, case studies, terms, and study questions. Third, it provides readers with analytical tools and frameworks to examine current problems and be able to understand and critique proposed public policy solutions.  New to the sixth edition is an exploration of:

  • The Affordable Care Act and its implementation, controversies, and impact
  • The American economy since the end of the Great Recession, trade policy, and economic equality issues
  • Foreign policy including relations with Russia, China, and Iran, as well as the civil war in Syria, the continuing conflicts in Iraq, and the challenge of ISIS
  • The US Criminal Justice system and its incarceration challenges as well as issues of minorities, police, and crime.

This new edition includes, for the first time, a test bank with multiple choice, short answer, and discussion/essay questions as well as an instructor’s manual.  Public Policy in the United States, 6e is an ideal undergraduate text for introductory courses on American Public Policy and Politics, and can be used as supplementary reading in undergraduate courses on policy process, policy analysis, and American government. 

chapter 1|45 pages

Process, Structure, and Ideology

chapter 2|66 pages

Economic Policy

To Promote the General Welfare

chapter 3|59 pages

Foreign Policy

To Provide for the Common Defense

chapter 4|47 pages

Poverty and Welfare

The Poor Ye Always Have with You?

chapter 5|45 pages

Health Policy

The Problems of Cost and Access

chapter 6|55 pages

Environmental Policy

Challenges and Opportunities

chapter 7|55 pages

Criminal Justice

To Ensure Domestic Tranquility

chapter 8|54 pages


The Promise of America

chapter 9|48 pages


The Second American Revolution