Translation has a long history in China. Down the centuries translators, interpreters, Buddhist monks, Jesuit priests, Protestant missionaries, writers, historians, linguists, and even ministers and emperors have all written about translation, and from an amazing array of perspectives.

This second volume of the seminal two-volume anthology spans the 13th century CE to the very beginning of the nineteenth century with an entry dated circa 1800. It deals mainly with the transmission of Western learning to China – a translation venture that changed the epistemological horizon and even the mindset of Chinese people. Also included are texts that address translation between Chinese and the languages of China's Central Asian neighbours, such as Manchu, which was to become of crucial importance in the Qing Dynasty.

Comprising 28 passages, most of which are translated into English for the first time here, the anthology is the first major source book of its kind to appear in English. It features valuable primary material, and is essential reading for postgraduate students and researchers working in the areas of Translation, Translation Studies and Asian Studies.

chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|3 pages

Gule Maocai (12th century)

chapter 5|5 pages

Wu Bozong (d. 1384)

chapter |8 pages

From Late Ming to Early Qing

chapter 6|4 pages

Xu Guangqi (1562–1633)

chapter 7|11 pages

Matteo Ricci (1552–1610)

chapter 8|4 pages

Xu Guangqi (1562–1633)

chapter 9|3 pages

Xu Guangqi (1562–1633)

chapter 10|9 pages

Li Zhizao (1565/1571–1630)

chapter 11|6 pages

Li Zhizao (1565/1571–1630)

chapter 12|6 pages

Yang Tingyun (1557–1627)

chapter 13|5 pages

Li Zhizao (1565/1571–1630)

chapter 14|4 pages

Giulio, Aleni (1582–1649)

chapter 15|4 pages

Chen Yi (active 1613–1649)

chapter 16|7 pages

Wang Zheng (1571–1644)

chapter 18|9 pages

Xu Guangqi (1562–1633)

chapter 19|3 pages

Giacomo Rho (1592–1638)

chapter 21|5 pages

Bi Gongchen (d. 1644)

chapter |6 pages


chapter 22|5 pages

Gong Dingzi (1615–1674)

chapter 23|4 pages

Lodovico Buglio (1606–1682)

chapter 24|8 pages

Ferdinand Verbiest (1623–1688)

chapter 27|6 pages

Wei Xiangqian (dates unknown)

chapter 28|3 pages

Louis de Poirot (1735–1813 or 1814)

chapter |10 pages

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