The first significant publication devoted entirely to Trevor Jones’s work, The Screen Music of Trevor Jones: Technology, Process, Production, investigates the key phases of his career within the context of developments in the British and global screen-music industries. This book draws on the direct testimony of the composer and members of his team as well as making use of the full range of archival materials held in the University of Leeds’s unique Trevor Jones Archive, which was digitized with support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Through a comprehensive series of chapters covering Jones’s early career to his recent projects, this book demonstrates how Jones has been active in an industry that has experienced a prolonged period of major technological change, including the switchover from analogue to digital production and post-production techniques, and developments in computer software for score production and sound recording/editing.

This is a valuable study for scholars, researchers and professionals in the areas of film music, film-score production and audio-visual media.

chapter |11 pages


part I|34 pages

Jones’s early career (1978–87)

chapter 2|20 pages

Breaking into the industry

part II|46 pages

The ‘toolkit’ years (1987–93)

chapter 4|28 pages

Towards a mainstream sound

part III|81 pages

Mainstream scoring (1993–2004)

chapter 5|34 pages

Hollywood blockbusters part one

chapter 6|19 pages

Hollywood blockbusters part two

chapter 7|26 pages

Music for television 1

part IV|32 pages

Recent projects (2004—)

chapter 8|12 pages

A brief foray into video games

chapter |15 pages