Collaboration in supply chains means managing the chain beyond traditional or transactional methods. It involves rethinking the way your business is managed, both internally and externally, and the ways in which employees and partners relate to each other. Stuart Emmett and Barry Crocker's book explains how a relationship-based approach to supply chain management can transform business; how to organise your business internally for effective supply chain relationships and how to transform your external supply chain using relationship marketing, customer relationship management and supply chain partnerships. One of the key distinguishing characteristics of a high performing supply chain is the presence of strategic trust. With strategic trust, the parties have access to each other's strategic plans; relevant cost information and forecasts are shared; risks and rewards are addressed openly. This book explains how to embed a culture of inter-company trust and to realise the benefits of improved supply chain relationships.

chapter 1|68 pages

The Supply Chain Reviewed

chapter 2|24 pages

People Relationships at Work

chapter 3|42 pages

Supply Chain Relationships in Business