Across the globe, doctoral education is in the throes of change. Diversification, regulation and proliferation are just a few of the developments that pose major challenges for those supervising doctoral candidates.

The second edition of A Handbook for Doctoral Supervisors has been fully updated to assist doctoral supervi

chapter |4 pages


part I|56 pages

The context

chapter Chapter 1|12 pages

The overall context

chapter Chapter 2|15 pages

The institutional context

chapter Chapter 3|13 pages

The disciplinary context

chapter Chapter 4|14 pages

The programme context

part II|40 pages

Preparing the ground

chapter Chapter 5|11 pages

Recruitment and selection

chapter Chapter 6|15 pages

Working relationships

1. Candidates

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages

Working relationships

2. Co-supervisors

part III|54 pages

Supporting the research project

chapter Chapter 8|12 pages

Academic advice and support

1. Approaching research

chapter Chapter 9|13 pages

Academic guidance and support

2. The research project

chapter Chapter 10|13 pages

Encouraging writing and giving feedback

part IV|58 pages

Supporting the candidate

chapter Chapter 12|16 pages

Personal, professional and career support

chapter Chapter 13|14 pages

responding to diversity

1. Non-traditional candidates

chapter Chapter 14|14 pages

Responding to diversity

2. International candidates

chapter Chapter 15|12 pages

Responding to diversity

3. Modes of study

part V|28 pages

Completion and examination

chapter Chapter 16|13 pages

Drafting and submission

chapter Chapter 17|13 pages


part VI|18 pages

Improving practice

chapter Chapter 19|4 pages