Delivering Successful PMOs is intended to be the companion book to Leading Successful PMOs (Peter Taylor) which was a guide to all project based organisations providing a common language to describe the variety of possible PMOs, explaining how to do the right things, in the right way, in the right order, with the right team, and identifying what made a good PMO leader. Delivering Successful PMOs takes this to the next level and provides a clear framework to conceive, design, build, prove and embody an enterprise PMO inside an organisation, dealing with the strategic intentions, the politics, the people and the projects. The book draws on the rare experience that Ray Mead, through his organisation p3m global(www.p3m.global) had in building an enterprise PMO for a major organisation (based in the Middle East) from the ground up - a ’greenfield’ enterprise PMO. Through this process he and his team have developed an invaluable methodology that is shared through this book alongside a real case study - this is not theory, this is not ’perfect’ world modelling, this is proven through practice and live application. Peter and Ray extend the guidelines from the first book and weave them in to the process of delivering a PMO that works for an organisation and delivers success - measured by improved project health, greater returns on investment, a better project management community, closer connection to business strategy and a more mature project organisation.

chapter |2 pages


chapter |4 pages

A Short Reflection

chapter |4 pages

A Further Justification

chapter |4 pages

Destined to Fail? …

chapter |2 pages

… Or Designed to Succeed?

chapter |6 pages

Introduction to the Plan

chapter |8 pages

Phase 1 – Plan PMO

chapter |22 pages

Phase 2 – Start Up PMO (A Phase)

chapter |28 pages

Phase 3 – Set Up PMO (D Phase)

chapter |18 pages

Phase 4 – Operate PMO (E Phase)

chapter |6 pages

Phase 5 – Transfer PMO

chapter |12 pages

Lessons Learned

chapter |10 pages

Some Further Thoughts

chapter |2 pages

More Inspiration