This important volume by one of the leading scholars in the field examines and discusses how library professionals can meet the demands of policy makers to open up the public library system without destroying its values. Based on a critical literature review, a survey of library professionals and consultations with other stakeholders, the book discusses the challenges involved in providing a service that prioritizes equity and social inclusion while at the same time attempting to promote and maintain quality, excellence and ethical standards. In assessing how those responsible for public libraries around the world go about this task the author advocates a service that is sensitive to difference and seeks to provide access to the best.

chapter 2|8 pages

Equity and Excellence Around the World

chapter 3|13 pages

Value versus Demand

chapter 5|13 pages

Commercial Imperative?

chapter 7|11 pages

Providing Access to the Best

chapter 8|9 pages

Information Is Not Enough

chapter 9|9 pages

Education, Education, Education

chapter 10|11 pages

Through Excellence to Inclusion

chapter 11|10 pages

Professionals, Practice and Policy

chapter 12|11 pages

Equity and Excellence – A Value Judgement

chapter |1 pages