This book offers the most thorough, detailed inside story of the preparation, negotiation, performance, and achievements of G20 gatherings from their start at the finance level in 1999 through their rise to become leader-level summits in response to the great global financial crisis in 2008. Follow the moves of America’s George Bush and Barack Obama, Britain’s Gordon Brown and David Cameron, Canada’s Stephen Harper, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and other key leaders as they struggle to contain the worst global recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. This book provides a full chapter-long account of each of the first four G20 summits from Washington to Toronto with summaries of the ensuing summits. It uses international relations theory to build and apply a model of systemic hub governance to back its central claim to show convincingly that G20 performance has grown to successfully govern an increasingly interconnected, complex, crisis-ridden, globalized twenty-first century world.

part I|52 pages

Analysing G20 Governance

chapter Chapter 1|24 pages


chapter Chapter 2|26 pages

The Systemic Hub Model of G20 Governance

part II|81 pages

Generating the Group, 1999–2001

chapter Chapter 3|37 pages

Creating the Group, Berlin 1999

chapter Chapter 4|22 pages

Governing Globalization, Montreal 2000

chapter Chapter 5|19 pages

Combating Terrorism, Ottawa 2001

part III|90 pages

Equalizing the Influence, 2002–2007

part IV|145 pages

Creating the Summit Club, 2008–2010

chapter Chapter 10|41 pages

Soaring to the Summit, Washington 2008

chapter Chapter 11|28 pages

Containing Contraction, London 2009

chapter Chapter 13|49 pages

Containing the Eurocrisis, Toronto 2010

part V|20 pages


chapter Chapter 14|18 pages

The Future of G20 Governance