The nature of the information marketplace is under continual evolution and all organisations in the information industry need to form new strategic alliances, identify new market segments and evolve new products, employing a full armoury of marketing tactics to succeed in the changing environment. In this fully revised second edition of Information Marketing Jenny Rowley explores the impact of globalization, digitization, connectivity and customization in the information marketplace. She introduces a number of new topics and a shift of emphasis which reflect both the changing nature of information services and also practical and theoretical perspectives on marketing. As well as being thoroughly revised and updated, themes that are more fully developed include: e-service, self-service, customer relationships, online branding, online marketing communications, measuring online activity and customer relationship management systems. This book's unique perspective makes it essential reading for professionals in information services as well as students in information management, library and information studies, business information, marketing, e-commerce and communication studies.



chapter 1|14 pages

1 Marketing

chapter 2|18 pages

2 The information marketplace

chapter 3|22 pages

3 Customers

chapter 4|22 pages

4 Information products and services

chapter 5|26 pages

5 Building customer relationships

chapter 6|16 pages

6 Branding and corporate identity

chapter 7|28 pages

7 Marketing communications

chapter 8|26 pages

8 Price and pricing policy

chapter 9|22 pages

9 Collecting marketing data

chapter 10|30 pages

10 Marketing strategy and planning