Alexander Schieffer and Ronnie Lessem introduce a groundbreaking development framework and process to address the most burning issues that humanity faces. While conventional top-down, outside-in development has reached a cul-de-sac, a new, integral form of development is emerging around the world. Integral Development uniquely articulates this emergent approach, and invites us to fully participate in this process. The integral approach has been researched and framed over decades of in-depth experience in transformative development education and practice all over the world. It uniquely combines four mutually reinforcing perspectives: nature and community; culture and spirituality; science, systems and technology; and enterprise and economics. Conventional development theory and practice has prioritized the latter two perspectives, neglecting the former two. This has caused massive imbalances in today’s world. The four interconnected perspectives allow for a transformative and integrated engagement with core development issues in a way that is locally relevant and globally resonant. Throughout, the practical impact of Integral Development is brought to life through highly innovative cases from around the globe, drawing on the authors` first-hand experience. This makes the book a living demonstration of the power of this pioneering approach. Integral Development shows how individual, organizational and societal developments need to be interconnected to release a society’s full potential. It shifts the responsibility for large-scale development from often-distant experts and organizations to each individual, community, enterprise and institution within the society. It is essential reading - and a call to action - for everyone concerned with the current state of local and global development.

part I|83 pages

Divided World: The Need for Renewing Human Development

part II|52 pages

Integral Worlds: A New Integral Perspective on Human Development

part III|79 pages

The Southern Realm of Integral Development: Restoring Life in Nature and Community

part IV|92 pages

The Eastern Realm of Integral Development: Regenerating Meaning via Culture and Spirituality

part V|88 pages

The Northern Realm of Integral Development: Reframing Knowledge via Science, Systems and Technology

part VI|96 pages

The Western Realm of Integral Development: Rebuilding Infrastructure and Institutions via Enterprise and Economics

part VII|49 pages

Unity in Diversity: Fully actualising Integral Development via the Integral University