The issue of what defines project success (or failure) is complex and often elusive, and dependent on the perceptions of different stakeholders. In this enlightening book Emanuel Camilleri examines the key factors bearing on perceived success or failure. This book is not just about project management, it goes much deeper into the topic of project success by prescribing a project success framework. In chapters dedicated to factors such as leadership, teams, communication, information management and risk management, the author shines a light on the key behaviours in which project managers and others engage and how those behaviours predict success or failure. Practising project managers, project board members and sponsors, struggling to manage conflicting stakeholder expectations, complexity and ambiguity, will learn which factors are vital to determining successful outcomes. Finally, having highlighted the particular skills, abilities and attributes identified by the research, Dr Camilleri offers a diagnostic model for assessing an organization's preparedness for undertaking and successfully managing major projects. Project Success provides a valuable contribution to the literature on this subject, and its application delivers practical guidance that will be welcomed by project professionals at all levels.

part I|46 pages

In Search of Factors That Facilitate Project Success

chapter 1|9 pages


chapter 2|10 pages

The Perception of Project Success

chapter 3|24 pages

Why Some Projects Succeed and Others Fail

part II|109 pages

Project Hygiene Support Factors

chapter 4|13 pages

Project Strategic Fit

chapter 5|11 pages

Project Scope

chapter 6|14 pages

Project Organization Structure

chapter 7|24 pages

Project Teams Structure

chapter 8|43 pages

Project Planning and Control

part III|81 pages

Project Informational Support Factors

chapter 9|35 pages

Information Flow and Knowledge Management

chapter 10|32 pages

Project Risk Management

chapter 11|11 pages

Project Competency Development

part IV|44 pages

Project Behavioural and Managerial Support Factors

chapter 12|13 pages

Management and Leadership

chapter 13|13 pages

Employee Commitment and Participation

chapter 14|14 pages

Internal and External Communication

part V|18 pages

Organizational Project Diagnostic Model