The variety and depth of Anglican theology is best engaged through personal encounter with its many sources - the theologians and theological witnesses themselves. Anglican theology is often worked out in personal terms that provide a synthesis between reflection on the truths of faith and the particular contexts of culture and life. This book presents modern Anglican theology through a unique ’gallery’. This theological gallery includes a portrait or sketch of ten Anglican writers - DuBose, Farrer, Stringfellow, Brooks, Kemper, DeKoven, McCord Adams, Polkinghorne, Gore and Macquarrie. Theological description, interpretation and application are included for each, with the presentations differing as widely as the theologians and theological witnesses themselves. Drawing together understandings and experiences of faith, this will be an invaluable resource for students of Anglican theology and anyone who seeks to understand the distinctive perspectives and contributions of Anglicanism relative to living faith and daily life.

chapter 1|32 pages

William Porcher DuBose

Salvation, the Spirit, and the Church

chapter 2|42 pages

Austin Farrer

Hope and Glory

chapter 3|16 pages

William Stringfellow

The Christian Witness Against Death

chapter 4|14 pages

Phillips Brooks

Faith and Society

chapter 5|10 pages

Jackson Kemper

A Missionary Bishop's Path of Duty

chapter 6|12 pages

James DeKoven

Romantic Religion and Transformative Faith

chapter 7|6 pages

Marilyn McCord Adams

Christ and the Defeat of Horrors

chapter 8|12 pages

John C. Polkinghorne

Bottom-Up Theology and Science

chapter 9|18 pages

Charles Gore

The Holy Spirit and the Church

chapter 10|12 pages

John Macquarrie

The Unfolding and Completion of Hope