Was Jerusalem, under her bishop Cyril, the source of liturgical innovations in the fourth century or was she simply following trends which also affected the liturgy of neighbouring provinces? In assessing these two established propositions in relation to baptism, Juliette Day undertakes a careful comparative analysis of all the relevant sources for Palestine, Egypt and Syria, paying attention to the structure, content and theological narrative of the rites which they describe. The Mystagogical Catecheses, commonly attributed to Cyril of Jerusalem, are the key source in this discussion and this book demonstrates that they date from the episcopate of his successor John.

chapter |10 pages

Comparing Liturgies

chapter |22 pages

The Palestinian Sources

chapter |14 pages

Syria and Egypt

chapter |31 pages

The Pre-Immersion Rituals

chapter |25 pages

The Immersion

chapter |27 pages

The Post-Immersion Rituals

chapter |8 pages