First published in 2001, this book sets out to shed light on traditional controversies in Mill scholarship, underscore the significance of the contribution Mill made to associationist psychology, argue he is not entirely successful in explaining why art matters, and that this failure is linked to a deep tension in his mature work — rooted in his unwillingness to shake off the moral psychology he was raised on. The book examines various episodes and tensions in Mill’s life and work and how they relate to and informed his philosophy — while also giving a critical account of it. This book will be of interest to students of philosophy.

chapter Chapter 1|15 pages

Life and Work, Men and Women, Thought and Feeling

chapter Chapter 2|23 pages


chapter Chapter 3|20 pages

Means, Ends and Mill

chapter Chapter 4|25 pages

Arts and Minds

chapter Chapter 5|15 pages


chapter Chapter 6|29 pages

Liberty, Ideals and Moral Nature