First published in 1990, this book was the first comprehensive study of Balzac’s relationship to music, blending past scholarship with new perspectives to formulate an inclusive account. It begins by examining the contacts and experiences that shaped the musical side of Balzac’s life. These left valuable and lasting impressions which often found their way into his writings, where he recorded a myriad of critical and musicological opinions — assessed primarily in relation to Gambara and Massimilla Doni. These discussions prepare the way for an analysis of Balzac two major musical persuasions: religious music and Beethoven. This book will be of interest to students of literature and music.

chapter |5 pages


part One|78 pages

Music in Balzac's Life and Time

chapter I|20 pages

The Enticement of Sound

chapter II|22 pages

Shallow Enchantments

chapter III|17 pages

Celebrated Musician Friends

chapter IV|17 pages

An Otherwise Forgotten Teacher

part Two|36 pages

Debates, Premises, and Comments

chapter V|9 pages

From Beyond the Alps and Rhine

chapter VI|25 pages

Critical Estimates

part Three|26 pages

Balzac's Major Persuasions

chapter VII|10 pages

Religious Music: An Innate Affinity

chapter VIII|14 pages

Beethoven: The Growth of a Concept

part Four|71 pages

Balzac's Musical Tales and Their Implications

chapter IX|24 pages

Gambara: Preserving Idealism

chapter X|15 pages

Massimilla Doni: Transcending Sensualism

chapter XI|15 pages

An Animating Psychology

chapter XII|15 pages

A Dynamic Philosophy

chapter |5 pages