Body Problems addresses the relationship between the body and society in a fast-food culture. Agger focuses on issues of food, exercise, work, dieting and eating disorders, fashion, bariatric and cosmetic surgery, and health. He addresses a growing, fundamental dilemma that we have ample access to abundant calories yet lead lifestyles and have jobs that for the most part do not enable us to expend those calories. He proposes solutions, both individual and structural, that involve re-orienting ourselves to exercise as play.

This second edition has been updated to include a new chapter on food capitalism and a concluding passage arguing Cartesian dualism can be resolved by exercising vegans in ways that would thwart this food capitalism and give people immense control over their bodies, health, and well-being. The book is ideal for courses in introductory sociology, social problems, work, sociology of sport and leisure, gender, and health and illness.

chapter I|8 pages

There was no Body Problem until Modernity

Descartes, Henry Ford, Corn Syrup, Highways

chapter III|10 pages

Body Sciences

chapter IV|9 pages

Body Industries

chapter V|16 pages

: Beyond Body Work

chapter VI|4 pages

Food Fights

The Contested Terrain of the American Dinner Plate 1

chapter VII|8 pages

Vegans Who Run

chapter VIII|5 pages


Toward 'Slowmodernity'