Racial Theories in Social Science: A Systemic Racism Critique provides a critique of the white racial framing and lack of systemic-racism analysis prevalent in past and present mainstream race theory. As this book demonstrates, mainstream racial analysis, and social analysis more generally, remain stunted and uncritical because of this unhealthy white framing of knowledge and evasion or downplaying of institutional, structural, and systemic racism. In response to ineffective social science analyses of racial matters, this book presents a counter-approach---systemic racism theory. The foundation of this theoretical perspective lies in the critical insights and perspectives of African Americans and other people of color who have long challenged biased white-framed perspectives and practices and the racially oppressive and exclusionary institutions and social systems created by whites over several centuries.

chapter |14 pages


Post-Racial America And Social Science: Reality Or Myth?

part |39 pages

Social Sciences' Historic Misframing of “Race”

part |152 pages

Contemporary Mainstream Social Science And Race Theory

chapter |21 pages

Changes In The Field Of Race Studies

chapter |24 pages

Subverting Racial Analysis

Emphasizing Practice, Groupness, Boundaries, And Reflexivity

chapter |20 pages

Race And The Genome

Biosocial Theories Of Race

part |74 pages

Systemic Racism Theory

chapter |8 pages


Persisting Systemic Racism, The Empirical Reality